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ALvarito NEotraditional seminar (VIDEO)

Our friend Alvaro did a cool seminar on Neotraditional techniques at Arte Sano Supplies in Bilbao. The basque guys recorded a nice video with footage of the session and a little interview. Alvaro has been using our OM power supply (which will be released very soon) as a beta tester and he is very happy […]

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FLESH visited us! (video)

Summer is never ending in our city and the guys from Tataki wanted to share a warm day with us in our workshop. We had a nice morning chatting, drilling, soldering and joking… joking a lot. Our english might not be the best but our intentions always are. Enjoy this new FLESH chapter travelling from […]

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Let’s get dirty with the ink. Tattoo machines are loads and Power supplies sources. Power supplies convert the 220V or 110V AC to few (2-18V) DC. This is normally done in 2 stages: first 220V AC to 18-19V DC and the 19V DC to the desired voltage. Most power supplies use an external “transformer” to […]

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We are used to hear about tattoo power supplies that can handle 3,4 or 5 Amps and people seems happier as this number increases. But what “Amps” mean and why is so important (or not)? This will take some time so go first with the basic electrical concepts. “Amps” is the short version for Amperes. […]

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We are happy to have you here.

Hello good Souls! We are proud to announce that from now we have Webpage were you can buy our stuff, recommend us anything you want or think that could help us to improve, send questions, etc.. We will also make post and videos of stuff we think is interesting and could help you and we […]

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