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BUNDLE: Golden Pink Dear Concubine + Footswicth + 2 Clipcord + Travel Case


Complete kit with the best material:

1x Tattoo Power Supply by Hardcraft CO (Dear Concubine)

1x Acid Washed Footswitch with its clipcord.

1x Travel Case by Hardcraft CO (special foam shape for 1 Dear concubine, 2 machines, tranformer and 1 CC)

1x Heavy Duty Blue cable Clicpcord

All you need for starting a new life
Pink + Gold Plate
1 × Pink + Gold Plate Dear Concubine Tattoo Power supply + TRAVEL CASE

Out of stock


Out of stock


Special Bundle including all you need in one click.

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 37 × 27 × 11 cm


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