Black Brass footswitch & Clipcord cable


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Handmade and washed  Brass Footswitch

Our brass footswitches are really sensitive and heavy duty but conveniently small for traveling!

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Acid washed Brass Footswitch
Handmade Tattoo Tools

  • Handmade Brass Footswitch
  • Anti-slipery surface on the bottom which prevents it for moving around.
  • A High quality clipcord is included.
  • Works with any other clipcord you own
  • We recommend to sand OFTEN inside both plates to improve the operation because oxide and dirts usually come inside.
  • One year guarantee on product failure.

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Note: We have a policy that goes against planned obsolescence that is why after the warranty period is expired, we offer repair service at affordable prices on any of the products. If you have any problem or doubt (before trying to repair it), do not hesitate to contact us via email, facebook or instagram.


Acid washed Brass Footswitch