Eco Tattoo Station GoodKarma PACK OF 5 UNITS


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Eco Tattoo Station GoodKarma Tatuaria

5x Eco Tattoo Station 45x60cm

Today plastic is the greatest environmental challenge of our century, and until then it was an indispensable material even in tattooing.

Each session requires 1 to 3m2 of single-use plastic

Concerned and aware of the current situation on the planet, we developed the eco Tattoo Station as a plastic free alternative to the conventional workstation model.


With all the essential items to perform a tattoo session, with:

Biodegradable spray bags, clip cord and fountain bags

Biodegradable ink cup

Biodegradable absorbent for the paint area

100% plant-based and renewable material

100% plastic free

100% biodegradable


Eco Tattoo Station GoodKarma Tatuaria

The Eco Tattoo Station GoodKarma  is a complete workbench to sustainably perform a tattoo session. It already comes with all the basic components needed for the safe isolation of the site and materials, made from renewable vegetable raw material. In other words, it doesn’t take plastic and is completely biodegradable. In addition, she suggests an efficient mapping in relation to the placement of the items to carry out the session.


Surgical drape : Your Eco Tattoo Station has a sustainable surgical drape made of kraft paper and waterproof cellulose, materials that are resistant and flexible at the same time and that degrade easily in a natural environment. Thus, your area of ​​the procedure remains completely sterile and safe, constituting a protective barrier against possible contaminants.

Biodegradable absorbent for the ink cups area: We created an absorbent field for the ink area, aiming to keep this sector always clean and dry. It is made of cellulose and cotton, and also activated carbon (a component that makes its biodegradation safer as it neutralizes the chemistry of the absorbed ink in up to 30 days).

Covers/bags for items to be insulated: Your Eco Tattoo Station contains covers for machine source isolation, clipcord and water/alcohol spray, not requiring the use of plastic in your session. They are produced with cornstarch, in a sustainable and not harmful to nature, and their biodegradation takes place in a relatively short period of time.

Toothpick made with reforestation wood to handle petroleum jelly: Its extraction is not aggressive to the local ecosystem, the trees are replaced immediately, the original forests are not affected and there is a contribution to the sequestration of cO2.

Eco Tattoo Station GoodKarma Tatuaria

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