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Rod needle made of the highest quality 316L surgical grade steel. The needle thickness is 0.25 Long Taper Bug Pin. This is the finest and most powerful weapon you will ever come across! They are perfect for detailing either large jobs or small parts that require fine detailing



After more than a year of testing and trials with leading tattoo artists of different styles, we have created Shin Society, motivated by loyalty to the craft. Forged from the steel of our enemies and sharp as a thousand swords. Introducing Shin Societythe best tattoo stick needle on the market– be amazed!


Created to give you greater safety and confidence in your work, Shin Society needles go one step further. Made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, the highest quality stainless steel you can use. This steel is characterised by its durability and is perfect for long hours of work as it does not wear over time, this means that the treated area does not suffer, the colour penetrates better and as a result the tattoos heal faster. Our bars are made from the thickest steel, at 6mm thick you will notice instant firmness and reliability. Available in over 68 configurations for you to develop all your skills.


Technical features:

-Highest quality 316L medical grade stainless steel needle.

-Sterilised with EO-GAS and individually packaged.

-Environmentally friendly packaging and 100% recyclable.

-Designed in Europe