Tattoo Machine DeHierro OneOff Steel&Brass J frame


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The adjustable part is the front arm,  mounted in a fixed position for liner !! medium and large groups, stable at any voltage, it is made from one of DeHierro´s modified J frames, hand wound coils, 47uf / 35v capacitor, 0.18 strapping. Contact screw made with a copper rivet, and brass side cut and polished by hand.


DeHierro OneOff Steel&Brass TattooMachine

  • Handmade in Pontevedra by @_dehierro_
  • One Off Steel And Brass
  • Super versatile Daily liner One Off
  • Medium Speed/Storke
  • 7´s to 11´s
  • 0´18 /0´18 Springs
  • 35V / 47ÚF Capacitor


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