Tattoo Machine Hybrid Silver CLIPCORD by Leo Smagin


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Hybrid Silver CLIPCORD TattooMachine by Leo Smagin

The peculiarity of the hybrid, the combination of biting induction and the stability of the rotor.
Easily performs contouring, filling and shadow work with any groups of needles.
Equipped with a powerful Swiss MAXON DC MAX motor.
This version is not designed for working with cartridges, use only classic needles.


Needle stroke 3.5 – 5.5 mm
Weight 150 gram
Material Aviation Aluminum
Coating anodizing

The recommended voltage for lining works 9 – 11 volts.

The recommended voltage for filling works 8 – 10 volts.


Handmade in Russia.

Leo has been making hybrid machines for over 5 years

What is a Hybrid Tattoo Machine?

A hybrid tattoo machine is a rotary machine with the hit and bite of a coil tattoo machine but the reliability and consistency of a rotary tattoo machine.

Can be adjusted to do any type of work but it’s party trick is that it is an exceptional liner, especially with larger groupings.

Though similar is aethetics to a traditional coil machine, the Hybrid is smaller, lighter and quieter than a traditional coil machine as it has less vibration.

For use with tattoo needles on bar not tattoo cartridges.

Different colors and brands also available here

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Hybrid Silver CLIPCORD TattooMachine by Leo Smagin