Repair conditions

Well, next step is to send the machine to our workshop, we will take care of her/him as our own child.  SEND THE MACHINE using DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT,  or other private shipping company rather than local post office companies. SEND IT TO:

Hardcraft co  

C/ Pallars 177 Bajos




  • Send it  as a gift or electronic repair.
  • If the machine comes from outside UE we will handle the custom fees, but you will pay them.
  • We will send you an aprox. budget for repairing the machine, if you don’t accept the budget or you don’t want to repair your machine we will charge 30 euros for the work me made with your machine plus shipping back cost, sometimes it takes time to diagnose faults in any electronic device. 
  • PRINT THIS FORM and put it inside the parcel with the machine.
  • Protect your machine as much as you can, our responsability starts once the machine arrives to our headquarters. Send us an email with your name and  the tracking of the machine to: [email protected]