BLAZE Soft Edge Magnum – 20 Cartridges – 0.35 Long Taper

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One box contains 20 sterile needle modules.


Blaze Needle Cartridges – For the color in life

The needles are made of selected steel and are especially sharp. Even during long sessions
the quality of the needle remains stable.

The tip and the needle guide are made of high quality material and precisely crafted to
run quietly without annoying play and produce minimal abrasion.

The design of the module provides a good and even flow of ink without splattering
ink. Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum modules are designed to be open to allow for smooth
shadings as well as large fills to ensure good visibility of the ink flow. The precise
Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum is guaranteed by an extremely stable bridge.

The built-in safety diaphragm prevents liquids from flowing back into the machine.
machine is prevented.

– High quality plastic
– Safety membrane
– Minimal abrasion
– Very good ink flow
– 20 pieces per box